Az-Zahrawi Memorial Lecture :

“Islamic Medicine – Separating Facts From Misconceptions”



Msia MDG Score Card 2015

Medicine : Evidence vs Experience

Nursing : The Relevance of Rufaidah to Global Nursin



1. Sexual & Reproductive Health

2. Person with Disabilities

3. Addiction Medicine

4. Refugee & Migrant Health

5. Child & Maternal Health

6. Prophetic Medicine

7. Mental Health


Forum: Use & Abuse of Social Media in Health Matters


Pre-Conference Workshops:

1. Training of Immunization Nurse Counselor

2. The Basic of Medical Jurisprudence

3. First Aid & CPR

4. Dental Emergency Training



Charity Cycling & Medical Camp

Lunch Symposiums

Interstate Quiz

Fajr Tazkirah

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